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Things to keep in mind while traveling in Romania

  1. dog face emoji Sadly, we have a huge issue with stray dogs disappointed face emoji. They can get quite dangerous, especially in the nights or when there’s too much heat outside, even in large cities. Best is to avoid side streets or neighbourhoods at the outskirts during night. If you plan a bike trip in villages close to a large city, try not to get back too late in the evening.
  2. euro banknote emoji You can use your card pretty much anywhere in large cities or even some small towns, but you’ll probably need some cash when entering small shops, artisan shops, some bus tickets (only for some routes), etc.
  3. motorway emoji Getting around public transport can be easy with mobile phone apps. This will depend on the city, but for most large ones, you can use the 24pay app, works with international banks and mobile phone numbers as well. 24pay
    1. oncoming bus emoji for travelling by bus, you can get your ticket online at: Autogari.RO red exclamation mark emoji mind that you’ll most likely need to still print your ticket (we’re not yet at the qr-scan stage, even if the tickets have a qr code grinning face with sweat emoji)

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Using nginx sub_filter on IP ranges

While scrolling through the visitor’s report of my blog, I noticed visitors from a “strange” ISP: “Magistrat der Stadt Wien, Magistratsabteilung 01”, which is the IT department of the magistrate of the City of Vienna. Digging further through the logs, I found out they are a regular visitor, and so are multiple ministries, the Austrian unemployment service, and multiple other public bodies (Maybe more, but due to IP anonymization I only know about the ones that have their own subnets). So I’ve decided to give them a special greeting when visiting.

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